Rules of the RadarScreen Service

Section 1. Definitions

Provider - RADARME LLC.

Insurer - an insurance company with which a voluntary third-party liability insurance contract has been signed.

Client - a subscriber of any Ukrainian telecom operator who uses the RadarScreen service.

Technical support line - Technical hotline – a customer service center that provides complete information on the RadarScreen service. The technical support line works 24/7; the telephone number of the technical support line can be found on the website and/or in informational SMS sent to the Client upon successful activation of the Service.

Working day - every day, except for Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and non-working days.

Manufacturer’s Warranty - an original written warranty of a manufacturer, an importer, or a distributor provided to the Client for the device purchased.

IMEI/SN/UUID number - (international mobile equipment identifier/serial number/unique identifier) unique identification number of the device

Repair - elimination of damage to the display module of the device, under the conditions specified in these Rules.

Service center for the repair of mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as “SC”).

SC guarantee - a guarantee for the repair of the Client’s mobile device.

Agreement - an agreement for the provision of the RadarScreen service. The agreement is a public contract, in the meaning of Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, and operates within the RadarScreen service. The text of the Agreement is posted on the website

Rules of the RadarScreen Service (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) - a list of conditions and restrictions under which this service is provided. These Rules are an integral part of this Agreement and are posted on the .

Service - a one-time service provided to the Client, which includes the elimination of damage (i.e., repair or replacement of the display module) within the maximum limit of repair compensation in accordance with the tariff chosen; delivery of the device to the SC and back to the Client; diagnostics of the smartphone using a diagnostic application; consultations with the technical support line.

Device - a mobile phone, smartphone of the Client.

Display module - part of the device that is used to display information and images (letters, numbers or graphics), which can be integrated with the touch panel.

Damage - mechanical damage to the Display Module of the Device covered by the Service, consisting of breakage or cracking, which requires repair in order to restore the proper functioning of the device.

Section 2. Scope of the service

  1. The scope of the RadarScreen Service includes: diagnostics of the Device using the App, diagnostics and elimination of damage to the Device in the SC (repair or replacement of the display module or its element).

  2. In the event of replacement of the Device’s screen in a service center other than the SC under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, which resulted in a replacement of the Device’s IMEI/SN, the Client is obliged to immediately contact technical support and report such an event by providing the appropriate certificate of the work performed with both the old and new IMEI/SN numbers of the Device.

  3. If the Client or the User of the device does not fulfill the obligations set out in clause 2 above, this will lead to the impossibility of performing repairs.

Section 3. Cases not covered by the Service

СThe following cases are not covered by the service:

  1. A device malfunction resulting from changes, upgrades or changes in the IMEI/SN number, except for cases of changes in the IMEI/SN number that resulted from replacement under the Manufacturer’s Warranty or from repair/exchange performed as a Service.

    1. If the malfunction of the Device resulted from repairs by a person or company that is not authorized by the Contractor for such Repair. The conclusion on such repairs is made on the basis of the diagnostics carried out in the SC.
    2. If the diagnostics establishes that the damaged screen is not original, it is possible to replace the screen with a similar one.

  2. Damage for which the manufacturer or supplier of the Device is responsible under the warranty for this Device.

  3. If the malfunction occurs due to:

    1. unlawful actions of third parties aimed directly or indirectly at damaging the Device;
    2. deliberate actions of the Client aimed at causing damage;
    3. spontaneous combustion resulting from the natural properties of the Device;
    4. thermal/chemical action applied to the Device in order to change its properties or for other purposes, in accordance with the technological process;
    5. nuclear explosion, radiation, or radioactive contamination.

  4. The Provider is not responsible for the safety, availability, and behavior of data and programs that are located on the Device.

  5. The Provider does not create backup copies of the Device’s data or programs. The Client agrees that during the repair, data or programs may be partially or completely deleted or damaged. Thus, the Client must first create a full backup copy of the Device’s data before the provision of the Service.

  6. The service does not cover the following faults:

    1. natural wear and tear of the Display Module of the Device;
    2. aesthetic defects of the Display Module: dents, abrasions, abrasion of paintwork, discoloration, and other possible damage that does not affect the functioning of the Display Module;
    3. malfunctions resulting from defects in materials or design defects in the Device;
    4. malfunctions resulting from the Client’s improper compliance with the instructions for using the Device as recommended by the manufacturer.

  7. The service does not apply if malfunctions occur in the following cases:

    1. during military, mobilization, anti-terrorist, combat operations, events, or actions;
    2. during a state of emergency, special or martial law declared by the authorities in the country, a certain part of it and/or in the territory of the Client’s stay;
    3. during public unrest, mass riots, mass gatherings (rallies), armed conflicts of a non-international and international character, revolution, insurrection, uprising, strike, coup, war, or any event caused by an armed conflict (international and/or non-international), a terrorist act or the consequences of terrorist activities;
    4. simultaneously with the circumstances provided for in the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Articles 113, 258, 279, 293-295, 341, 342, 356, 357.

  8. The Provider does not reimburse the Client for expenses incurred by him/her as a result of actions contrary to these Rules.

  9. The final decision on the implementation of the Repair is made by the Provider based on the conclusion of the SC after the diagnosis.

Section 4. Obligations of the Client/the Device User

  1. The Client is obliged to follow the instructions of the Device manufacturer to maintain the Device in good technical condition and take all necessary measures to prevent any damage to the Device.

  2. In the event of Damage to the Device, the Client is prohibited from taking any action independent to eliminate the Damage to the Device.

  3. In the event of Damage, the Client is obliged to contact the Provider within the time frame provided for in Section 5 of these Rules.

  4. At the time of activation of the service, the Client thus consents to:

    1. insurance of a mobile device by the Provider;
    2. transfer of the personal data to the Insurer;
    3. being the person in favor of whom the insurance contract is concluded between the Provider and the Insurer;
    4. transfer of funds in case of damage to the mobile device in the SC, subject to repair in this SC.

Section 5. The Client’s Actions in Case of Damage to the Display Module

  1. In the event of Damage, the Client is obliged to contact the Provider within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of occurrence of the Damage and provide the following information:

    • subscriber number (MSISDN);
    • IMEI/SN/UUID of the device;
    • your name and surname;
    • photo of the damaged Device (optional)..
  2. The provision of photos of documents and devices is carried out through the Personal Account, access to which is provided by the Provider in an SMS upon activation of the Service.

Section 6. Repairs

  1. The basis for the decision to provide the Service to the Client is the presence of an active Service at the time the Client addressed the Provider.

  2. The Client must send the Device to the SC for diagnostics in any way convenient for him/her, in person or using the “Nova Poshta” delivery service. Delivery of the Device is carried out at the expense of the Provider.

  3. Before transferring the iPhone, the Client needs to consult the manufacturer's page and complete all recommendations therein.

  4. Repair of the Display Module is carried out by the SC within no longer that 5 working days from the date of receipt of the Device.

  5. The Provider is not responsible for failure to comply with the deadlines specified in clause 6.2 of this Section if:

    1. The Client was either unable or reluctant to provide the SC employee or the operator of the technical support line with all the necessary information to provide the Service;
    2. The Client or the User of the device did not enable access to the device for the SC employee (passwords or any device locks);
    3. The Client or the User of the device provided false information at the time of contacting the SC;
    4. a person or an organization applying for the provision of the Repair does not have any rights to use the Device;
    5. the Provider does not have the spare parts necessary for the provision of the Repair, or they cannot be delivered logistically, or the spare parts discontinued by the manufacturer of the device;
    6. in the event of force majeure circumstances that make it impossible to provide repair and restoration services.

  6. Repairs are carried out using original or compatible spare parts.

  7. SC provides a guarantee for a period of 3 to 6 months for the work performed as part of the provision of the Service, subject to the Client’s observance of the rules for using the Device as specified in the user manual.

  8. If it is impossible to complete repairs within the period specified in paragraph 4 of this Section, the Provider must inform the Client about the reasons for the postponement and report new date of repair. The maximum period for the Repair of the Device cannot exceed 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of the Device to the SC for the implementation of the Repair.

  9. If the diagnostic reveals a malfunction of the Device caused by damage other than the damage covered by the service, or the cost of the Repair exceeds the cost of buying a new Device, the Provider informs the Client about all the necessary details, including the required amount of surcharge for repairing the Device. The decision on whether to proceed with such repairs must be made by the Client independently.

  10. If the diagnostic reveals that the damaged screen has been repaired previously using unoriginal spare parts, the Provider is entitled to use the same.

  11. If the diagnostic by the SC reveals that the Service cannot be provided to the Client for reasons independent from the Client, the Provider undertakes to provide the possibility to activate the Service for the Client’s new Device within 3 months.

Section 7. Restriction of the Service

  1. The amount of payment for the Repair of the Device cannot exceed the amount of compensation for the repair provided within the framework of the Client’s subscription according to the selected Tariff.

  2. The cost of the repair is necessary for the provision of the Service, but it should not be more than the maximum amount of compensation for the repair. The difference between the cost of repairs and the maximum amount of compensation will not be returned to the Client, nor will it be transferred to the new term of the Agreement, which is mentioned in paragraph 3.3 of the Agreement.

  3. The service can only be connected to one unique MSISDN subscriber number and one unique IMEI/SN/UUID device number.

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Version: June 2021